Convert More Group Business In Half The Time.

With our M&E Instant Booking Tool, 3D Event Layout Simulator, and Events Sales and Distribution Management Platform, your group’s team has everything they need to achieve their goals and transform your hotel or venue into revenue-making digital machines.
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Sales, Revenue, and Distribution Management Platform For Your Events.

Reduce the amount of RFPs and capture bookings right on the spot. Decide the booking availability for event and meeting spaces in real-time, or hold them for further confirmation.

Real-Time Bookings

Make your meeting packages (DDRs) and meeting spaces available to your website visitors.

Event Spaces and Beyond

Sell everything your customers need for their meeting: food and beverage, audiovisuals, extra services… 

All Your Events In One Place

There is one single access point for your team, with all the info you need in real-time.

Reduce Walkthrough Requets

Spend more time closing deals, and less time managing leads.

Modern & Flexible 3D Event Diagramming.

Wow your event planners and show what you are capable of with our hyper-realistic 3D event simulator.

2D & 3D Diagramming

Create your realistically designed 3D events in minutes.

Share your Event Design

Share every meeting layout easily with the world through a unique URL.

Enhance the Communication

No more back and forth explaining the event layout. Instead, everyone can now “see” your ideas. Less room for error!

Increase your chances of closing the business

Quickly book or request your event with an immersive 360° & 3D visual description of what you need.

The Booking Engine That Changes It All.

Automate your group business with our immersive white-label booking engine. Focus on the significant events and automate the rest.

Own Your Business

You decide what to sell and when. Create as many rate plans as you need and set up your booking tools with just a few clicks. You own the business.

A Superb Experience

Transport your clients to any space with our VR-ready 3D tours and videos. Let them experience it as if they were already there.

Save Time and Money

No hands? No problem. Our Booking Engine transforms your Leads into Opportunities or even into confirmed bookings. You set the limits on what your team will personally handle.

E-Proposals That Convert

Your sales team will use our interactive sales platform on every device. No longer use paper presentations.

Connect Your Apps To Spazious.
Or The Other Way Around.

Our APIs allow us to connect Spazious to any PMS, CRS, sales, marketing, or other business tools, such as lead-generation websites.


Already integrated with some of the world’s largest PMS, you can instantly diagram your spaces and receive bookings.

Lead Generator Portal

Manage and reply to your requests quickly, adding an immersive experience that increases the conversion rate.


Manage real-time availability, assign rates for extra services, and control costs for all your events.


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With Spazious no longer manually managing your event spaces’ booking and scheduling. The perfect booking platform for your hotel or event venue.

Spazious® is the result of years of experience in the hospitality industry, both in digital marketing, e-commerce, and the MICE business. As the company behind FirstView, we are the leading company in producing 3D, VR, and 360º content for some of the largest hotel companies in the world. We deliver products that help our hotel partners increase revenue, optimize conversion rates, and enhance their team’s efficiency and productivity.