Turn Your Leads Into Opportunities or Confirmed Bookings. It Is Up To You!

Now you can offer your white label booking engine for your group business! Our cloud-based booking solution for meeting spaces helps you sell your venues as quickly as you do now with your hotel rooms.

Reduce the amount of RFPs and capture bookings right on the spot. You can decide which events or meeting spaces can be booked in real-time and which are put on hold for further confirmation.

Our user experience interface, combined with your brand guidelines and website look & feel, ensures the maximum conversion rate of all the visitors interested in booking a meeting venue at your property.

Simple meetings, instantly booked.

Real-Time Bookings

Make your meeting packages (DDRs) and your meeting spaces available to your website visitors so they can book without sending an RFP.

Smart Data and Analytics

Thanks to Google Analytics, you can know everything happening around Spazious’ booking engine: better insights, decisions, and more revenue.

Not Just Meeting Spaces

Sell everything your customers need for their meeting: food and beverage, audiovisuals, extra services… everything can be created in Spazious and be ready for your customers when booking their event.

Easy-to-Connect API

Sell everything your customers need for their meeting: food and beverage, audiovisuals, and extra services… everything can be set up in Spazious and be available to your customers when booking their event.

Dynamic Pricing and Availability

Apply the pricing rules you need to maximize the revenue of your meeting spaces.

Made by Hoteliers for Hoteliers

Our booking tool has been built based on 15+ years of experience selling guest rooms online. And with our commission-based model, we are indeed in this together.

We combine the power of immersive technologies with the latest booking engine capabilities to transform how to book meetings, events & weddings.

Spazious® is the result of years of experience in the hospitality industry, both in digital marketing, e-commerce, and the MICE business. As the company behind FirstView, we are the leading company in producing 3D, VR, and 360º content for some of the largest hotel companies in the world.

We deliver products that help our hotel partners increase revenue, optimize conversion rates, and enhance their team’s efficiency and productivity.