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Spazious is a platform that makes event management easier for both parties and allows the hotel to share publicly their booking engine tool.
This public space is accessible by any planner with all of its necessary information to create an event including instant quotes which can be paid online without even contacting the manager at your venue.

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You can get started right away with our dedicated on-boarding team!

Spazious has a dedicated team, available 24/7 for any questions that the user could have. Please address

Spacious provides an iframe to be placed on the web page of your choice.
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To get a hotel set up and live, it would take around two hours as all the information is required to be entered into the system.

The platform can be used to make meeting rooms available, order sales and catering forms for clients, and set up the room with all necessary requirements.

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Yes, anyone can get into the platform and create their own setup in the 3D simulator.

Guests have access to all the information they need for a successful meeting or event. This includes everything from layouts and capacity, to prices and booking details.

The hotel management characteristics that different hotels offer are what make it possible to gain a competitive edge over the competition. 

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No, they will provide as many users are needed!

There are no limit of active events on our platform.

With the Meeting Room Booking System, hotels and venues can share their availability to users in real time. The system also provides pricing information so that customers know how much they will have to pay for different slots of time.

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It takes about 3.5 minutes on average to design a full hotel or venue package complete with all the add-ons offered

Yes, the most common events that take place are meetings, conferences, weddings or tradeshows

As long as you have access to the public website, anyone can use Spazious. They don’t need an admin’s permission or a user supplied by them first in order to gain entry into the back office interface.

Admin has the power to set up as many accounts as they want.

 With such intuitive software, users of all experience levels can use the platform. No technical knowledge is needed at all!

Managers or venue users are able to make changes quickly and easily within a short time frame.
This means that they will be satisfied with the services provided, because it is quick and easy for them to adjust images and settings in the back office interface.

The event planners can select as many days for an activity and activities per day that they want.
This allows more flexibility in planning the schedule of events during a conference or convention

The event interface aims to look and feel like a standalone platform, rather than positioning it as an off-brand third party site. Refer to this article for more details on this question.