What is the interface look and feel? 

The interface is sleek and simple which makes it easy to use. The home page features a grid that showcases all the venues on offer, as well as a search bar to find any specific feature.

In the menu, you have access to all of your bookings and those from other managers. You can filter them by date range, location, number of people, price range, arrangement, facilities and more.

Spazious interface look and feel

Is it like a standalone, white labeled one or will the potential audience feel like they are on a third party site?

The audience should not feel like they are on a third party site if their company is using white label booking tools.

  • Standalone implies that the user will be on a site that is similar to any other website. It does not have an extra name but it has a similar look and feel. This does not happen with Spazious.
  • A white label booking tool is a website booking system that integrates seamlessly with your existing website. It’s a cost-effective, easy to use solution that will be tailored to your unique needs and branding.

Our interface can be personalised with your corporate colours and logo. We offer Real-Time Bookings in a dynamic pricing and availability software with your own company logo and look and feel. Spazious M&E Booking engine provides real-time booking capability for all your lounges and rooms.

Is the navigation as simple and as easy as possible for the attendees?

Organizing a conference is a lot of work, and one has to take into consideration many things. The way the conference room will look is one of them. Designing a good-looking meeting space with the newest technology available is crucial for attendees and managers alike, as it will make your event more enjoyable and organized.

The bottom line is that the design of the meeting room should be simple, attractive, user-friendly and full of technological innovations in order to ensure that attendees get what they need when they are there – whether they are sitting at a table or just walking around visiting booths or just sitting idly in a coffee break waiting for their presentation speaker.

The interface is simple to use and easy to navigate which means that anyone can quickly book the venue desired in just a few clicks. The interface also offers dynamic pricing and availability which automatically updates reservations with the latest prices and availability, so that customers know they are getting the best deal possible at all times feeling safe in your own site.