It's tough to stay organized when you're managing a corporate event.

We built Spazious because we were tired of using tools that weren’t designed with our needs in mind. 

The tools out there either don’t support diagramming or they are too complicated to use on the go. 

That is why we created an app that lets Destination Management Companies easily connect with your team members at any time, share information about meetings, events and even access guest lists right from your phone!

Save time and explanations with this real-time visual organization tool.

Organize meetings with simultaneous control over several rooms and communicate with attendees in the same application.

Easy Showcase

Our 3D imaging and augmented Reality 360 graphics are designed for all types of devices so you can createshare what each one needs at any time. 

Fast customer access

Give your attendees an accessible and easy-to-use tool where they can view real-time floor plans and event schedules, and stay in touch and connected!

One place all access

One single point of access for your manager, team and attendees, with all the info each one needs.

Integrated in an easy to use App

Spazious integrates your CRM data into an easy-to-use app along with diagramming utilities.

floor diagramming

CRM connected!

When your company is organizing an event, you have to deal with several suppliers, and you need to formalize the reservation of accommodation and event rooms. 

This process can be stressful for organizers because there are many stakeholders involved in this process (hotel managers, sales teams, CRS managers etc.) and you also have to make sure that everything goes smoothly. 

  • Manage bookings from start to finish
  • Easily search for hotels based on availability or price range
  • Find available meeting spaces within minutes!
    • Audiovisual equipment
    • Services and facilities
    • Accesibility floor plans
  • Manage and book guest rooms

No more manual data entry or copy pasting information from one system into another!

Experience Spazious

With Spazious, our intuitive interface designed specifically for DMCs by industry insiders we’ve made planning corporate events easier than ever before!

The Spazious platform allows users to take control over their workflows through visualization and CRM integration.

Empower your team to operate an easy-to-use technology

Spazious is a new way to manage hotel reservations and events. It’s designed for people who want to be more efficient while organizing corporate events and booking stays at destination. 

  • We make it easy for managers and event planners to share communications, briefs, diagrams and attendee lists in real-time with the team.
  • With Spazious, you can get rid of that bulky laptop or tablet at meetings so everyone has access to all the information needed on their own phone or tablet.
  • You don’t have to worry about losing important documents because everything is securely stored in our cloud-based system! 

Connecting the dots between your customers, hotel partners and yourself is easy with Spazious.

We help you make sure that everyone gets paid for what they do best – while keeping it simple for them at every step of the way.


See It For Yourself!

We will show you how our solutions can help you bring your venue to life, close more reservations, and increase your revenue

Spazious® is the result of years of experience in the hospitality industry, both in digital marketing, e-commerce and the MICE business. As the company behind FirstView, we are the leading company in the production of 3D, VR and 360º content for some of the largest hotel companies in the world. We deliver products that help our hotel partners increase their revenue, optimize their conversion rates, and enhance their teams efficiency and productivity.