How easy is it to get an HD view of rooms and lounges on my hotel web?

You can have the application ready to use on your website in just two hours!

Spazious embeds an iframe on your corporate website, which is hosted on our own server, and allows your website to run smoothly even if its main server is down. This allows you to host your website on a separate server and still enjoy this functionality without interruptions.

A very good reason to access immersive videos with images HD quality is that your users need the security of being able to see all the content in the most comfortable and fluid way in order to avoid losing their patience and end up on a competitor’s website (this is a detail that we take special care of).

Why are high quality images important?

This high definition is what makes Spazious have such an accurate resolution that the measurements obtained are 99.9% reliable so that the user can customize the spaces to their needs. When the client accesses a virtual tour, he has the option to take a 2D HD image of any of the shots he is interested in.

The fact that the image is in HD is necessary to provide as much detail as possible to hotel guests. Details such as where exactly the sockets are placed in a room, or how the lighting may vary if we modify the spotlights, can only be appreciated with this image quality.

As these functionalities are hosted on our own servers, we can guarantee that as many users in parallel can be doing different types of visualization from their computers or tablets, without affecting the performance of the hotel website, or the operation of the application for the rest of the users.

The importance of time saving

Can you imagine the time your employees can now spend on providing better service? 

Guests will no longer have to wait for room information or find time in busy schedules to get the same results.

With Spazious together with its’ room booking tools, hotels can provide better service to their guests because it allows them to use this one tool for all their needs: from checking availability and rates, viewing rooms and amenities, seeing all the customizable elements and even booking space online. Guests can also see actual spaces for themselves without feeling like they are at a trade show by asking an AI attendant questions about availability, pricing, etc.

For further questions, please consult our FAQ section.