Managing corporate event venues today implies handling several challenges when it comes to organizing meetings and events. One of the key difficulties has to do with the number and variety of departments that are involved in MICE management. Sales, F&B, catering, and room service, among others.

How are companies facing these challenges?

Find out 5 tips to save time and become extremely efficient at managing corporate event venues.

Tips to manage corporate event venues

Why the efficient management of Corporate Event Venues is important

The current context surrounding corporate event venues pushes them towards finding efficient management solutions. 

Firstly, there’s the growing competition in the event venue industry. In general, many hotels and venues compete for the same clients. Then, to stay ahead of the competition, operators must offer unique experiences that align with what their clients are looking for. In other words, exceed their client’s expectations.

Secondly, other factors such as cost management continue pressing their influence on management processes in hotels, resorts, and independent venues. As a result, guaranteeing resource efficiency in areas such as logistics and staff management is key to staying ahead.

Fortunately, the use of technology is facilitating multiple operations when it comes to MICE management, like generating sales, revenue, and distribution platforms for event operators. 

Among the benefits of such platforms are:

  • Easy to use. As these platforms are digital, they have been created under user experience criteria. 
  • More instantaneous. Also, event planners can now see prices instantly and avoid having to contact many hotels or generate many RFPs. 
  • Convenient for users. In addition, the event information can be easily shared in internal communications from event planners to CFO, management, or marketing… 
  • Specific technology. Hotels or independent venues can manage all their events in one place for all teams and spend less time managing leads.

Let’s see some of the ways technology is enabling more efficient management of corporate event venues.

Tips for efficient management of business event venues

Tip #1: Streamline the Booking Process

Simplifying the Booking Process

Hotels can greatly benefit from simplifying their booking processes, offering a better experience for both their clients and themselves. 

In order to do so, platforms including all-in-one digital tools are very interesting. To manage corporate event venues an instant booking combined with sales & catering software, would be a great acquisition. 

Through the right tool, sales teams are able to:

  • Manage availability in real-time and automatically, avoiding the time inefficiency of manual booking or reschedules.
  • Assign rates for extra services.
  • Control costs for all events and manage the revenue at the hotel. 
  • Reduce the amount of RFPs they receive every day. The right platform will allow hotels to offer both meeting packages (DDRs) and meeting spaces for their website visitors. This technology will allow bookings to be made without the need of sending an RFP.

The Benefits of Automating the Booking Process for Event and Meeting Venues

Automating and offering real-time booking services means invaluable advantages in terms of time savings. Thus, both hoteliers and event planners will focus on other aspects.


In addition, by making this process digital, we avoid misunderstandings. There is an improvement in communication, in the booking experience, and within the hotel organization. This, in turn, can lead to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and increased revenue.

Using technology to manage corporate event venues

Tip #2: Optimize Communication

Effective Communication with Corporate Event Planners

Effective communication is characterized by being clear, concise, timely, and responsive. Furthermore, in the MICE business, there’s also a need to be tailored to the client’s needs. 


The use of technological tools allows corporate event venues to handle communication in a more efficient and seamless way. As a result, processes such as managing or replying to requests are facilitated. Ultimately, increasing conversion rates.

The Advantages of Using an All-In-One Event Management System

An all-in-one event management system streamlines communication, as it brings together all people involved and all aspects related to event planning. Registration, ticketing, venue management, and marketing promotion.

This leads to improved collaboration between team members, stakeholders, and vendors. Teams will see how information and data are accessible to everyone involved in the event planning process.

At the same time, this translates into an enhanced experience for corporate event planners. They will see how their reservation process and access to information are clear and simple.

Tip #3: Maximize Space Usage

While it may not be immediately obvious, space usage in corporate event venues is directly linked to revenue management. A digital tool will allow hotels to easily manage all spaces, as well as coordinate departments.

However, many hotels, resorts, and independent venues still use Excel sheets. That’s why the right digital platform to the equation can really make a difference.

Tips for Maximizing Space Usage in Corporate Event Venues

Some classic tips in this area involve optimizing seating arrangements and designing and incorporating multi-functional spaces that can be easily transformed to accommodate different types of events. 

At the same time, corporate event venues are advised to leverage technology in this area too. This includes a series of possibilities: generating digital signage; video walls, and interactive displays to maximize space usage; employing hyper-realistic 3D event simulators that allow event planners to use the space in more creative ways.

Benefits of Efficient Space Management in M&E Venues

It’s no secret to corporate event venues that efficient space management leads to increased capacity in terms of attendees, which can increase revenue.


But there are additional advantages to this: efficient space management also provides an enhanced attendee experience, allowing them to move around freely and interact with others, and creating a flexible environment that can adapt to changes in the event program or the number of attendees. 


As a result, this has positive repercussions in brand image for companies in the field of meetings and events.

Tip #4: Use Technology

The Role of Technology in Efficiently Managing Event Venues

As we’ve seen throughout the article, technology is playing a key role in facilitating work for managing event venues. This includes advantages in the following areas:

  • Seamless online booking and registration, managing attendees’ information, preferences, and requirements more efficiently.
  • Event planning through all-in-one platforms for managing all aspects of MICE management, in hotels, resorts and independent venues. Including scheduling, communication, and marketing reduces errors, and increases efficiency.
  • Hyper-realistic, immersive 3D event simulators facilitate the work of event planners and venues. In a process known as 2D & 3D Diagramming, it’s possible to create and share event design layouts enhancing communication and leaving less room for errors.

Smart data and analytics are provided, allowing hotels and venues to gain insights about their processes in order to take better decisions. Thus, more revenue.

Tip #5: Implement Effective Staffing and Vendor Management

Identifying, selecting, and coordinating staff and vendors remains a key operation for the success of corporate events management. 

This includes communication between sales and the F&B department, among others. The use of technology can help organize and track operations related to each event. 

Spazious: i-SEM® for MICE management

If you are looking for a 360º solution for MICE management, find out more about Spazious. 

This is an i-SEM® (immersive sales and events management) software that places into a unique platform different modules that will help you grow your MICE business by close more deals in half the time. 

Spazious includes:

  • White label Instant Booking for MICE from which the event planners will book their events easily feeling like they’re booking from the hotel website.
  • A sales and catering platform from which the sales teams will manage and follow leads and event reservations. Plus, Spazious includes a dynamic revenue management module to plan and automate the hotel strategy. 
  • 3D diagramming platform from where event planners can create their event layouts. In addition, they will have an improved and immersive booking experience. 

Want to learn more about how technology and platforms like Spazious are helping corporate event venues reduce errors, save time, and increase efficiency? Get in touch with us and speak directly to our team.