Discover the Dynamic Revenue Management Module at Spazious

Spazious has launched its latest update: a Dynamic Revenue Management system, included in its iSEM (Immersive Sales and Event Management) software. 

The Revenue Management Module allows leads acquisition automation, and speeds up the closing of meetings and event bookings. Thanks to this new functionality, hotels can configure the pricing according to its business strategy. Quoting is simplified and automated. 

Both event planners and sales reps can benefit from this functionality. It can be used in the Instant Booking of meetings and events, as well as in On-Request RFPs. For this reason, the total number of RFPs that can be managed in a day is increased. Many bookings are automated and the sales team can focus on closing large groups.

Why this feature?

The customer can now do a quick quote on their own to see the cost of their event. This functionality replaces the current 48 hours a hotel needs to respond. 

  1. Hotels had a non-automated and inefficient process, managed by phone or RFP. Typically, booking an event, from contracting to contract to close, takes planners 75 days. Now the event closing time is reduced thanks to a digitalized and automated process.
  2. Events were still managed in Excel, which requires a lot of support staff. It is an unscalable and costly process. The hotel or venue can now save on costs and help the staff team optimize their workload. A digital process means fewer errors and better follow-up.
  3. The current group management procedure means a high number of missed opportunities on micro-events (50 people or less). These account for half of the world’s corporate meetings. This functionality will allow these meetings to be booked automatically while respecting the hotel revenue management criteria.

In short, the hotel will increase its MICE total revenue.

Revenue Management Module at Spazious

Include in Spazious your venues with prices according to the revenue management strategy.

Revenue Managment strategy at the iSEM

Configure at the Dynamic Revenue Management Module the specific requirements and they will be automated at the Instant Booking.

Revenue Management Module: prices

Include as many requirements as your Revenue Management Team may have.


With the Dynamic Revenue Management Module, we achieve:

  • Work process automation.
  • Sales teams workload optimization. Plus, let them focus on big groups.
  • Revenue Management teams workload optimization.
  • Event planner’s experience improvement: streamline the quotation process.
  • Increase the conversion rate from RFP to bookings. 
  • Increase the number of total hotel M&E bookings and revenue.

In addition, this module allows the hotel or venue to implement a long-term MICE revenue management strategy.