FYCMA includes Spazious 3D Diagramming in 7 of its spaces

FYCMA (Trade Fair and Congress Center of Málaga) is a center for fairs, exhibitions, congresses, conventions, conferences, presentations, and meetings of different types located in the south of Spain. In addition, it closed in 2021 with a total of 150 events celebrated and more than 133,600 attendees in its approximately 60,000m² of surface area. 

Its team has a clear focus and commitment to innovation and digitalization. Thanks to these points, they are able to improve the processes of visibility, space booking, sales, and organization of events.

FYCMA’s challenge

FYCMA was facing a challenge: the return to face-to-face attendance events after the pandemic. For them, it was essential to ensure a safe environment and protocol respecting measures, without paralyzing the events business.

It was also important to provide the sales team with digital tools. In this sense, betting on digitization, since the processes of booking spaces had moved almost entirely to the digital environment. Therefore, it was important to “digitize” some parts of the sales process that were done offline, such as visits to the spaces. 

The project with Spazious

With the aim of empowering the sales team and streamlining bookings, FYCMA decided to rely on Spazious’ 3D Diagramming Platform. 


Initially, 7 FYCMA’s event spaces were designed:

Conference Room – 445m² – up to 400 attendees. Link

Conference Room – 475m² – up to 420 attendees. Link

Conference Room – 100m² – up to 100 attendees. Link

Conference Room – 100m² – up to 100 attendees. Link

Conference Room – 100m² – up to 100 attendees. Link

Conference Room – 100m² – up to 100 attendees. Link

Conference Multipurpose Room – 100m² – up to 100 attendees. Link


The main use of the layout tool is to configure and customize spaces for clients. As it is a digital twin of the different rooms, the diagramming tool perfectly replicates the space and elements in each room (sockets, windows, emergency exits, and others). Thus, thanks to the configurator, the sales team could: organize site inspections, send personalized spaces for events, or close bookings quicker.


From Spazious we also included a social distance functionality, very useful at the time, as it was a particularly important topic for event organizers. Want to know more about out product? Don’t hesitate to contact us from the form below!