Three expert companies in the sector come together to discuss trends, experiences and technologies applied to increase sales in the MICE segment. This is how “Future-proof your Hotel Sales Strategy” started. A Webinar organized by Lure Agency, Event Temple and Spazious that was recently broadcast live. 

In this post, you will find the main insights featured that were discussed. 

Navigating changes in 2023: what we are seeing in the sector

The current state of the industry includes:

  1. Increasing adoption of automation.
  2. A shift to remote/hybrid work.
  3. The changing of customer preferences.
  4. The need for seamless event planning.
  5. Growing demand for customized products. 

Challenges we are facing and solutions

The challenges identified were:

  1. The need for personalized messaging
  2. Addressing the demands of smaller events and meetings
  3. Potential economic downturns
  4. Differentiating B2C from B2B sales and marketing strategies
  5. Leveraging specialized software for small meeting requests
  6. Highlighting unique value and expertise
  7. Tailoring strategies to different needs
  8. Investing in modern technology
Promotional Content Webinar
Future-proof your Hotel Sales Strategy

Pro Tips Lure Agency

Lure Agency recommended following the W.I.N.S. strategy. It includes:

  • Welcoming prospects with an inspiring web experience
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Nurturing prospects with educational content
  • Selling only after building a trusting relationship. 

Implementing this strategy consistently leads to a proactive and predictable flow of direct business. In addition, the objective is to achieve scalability, better closing ratios, increased control, and profitability. And at the same time, reduced reliance on RFPs and third-party business.

Pro Tips Event Temple

Event Temple advised evaluating and selecting best-in-class technology options, rather than settling for a single all-in-one solution. 

Key considerations for sales teams when assessing the technology stack include:

  • Ease of use.
  • Integrability.
  • Customer support and training.
  • Essential tools for modern sales teams, such as:
    • Online booking for small events
    • Self-creation and upsell proposals
    • Efficient RFP response solutions
    • Integrated marketing
    • Sales tools for robust lead management

Pro Tips Spazious

Spazious provided three pro tips

  1. Maximizing marketing and sales efforts through digital investments and analytics.
  2. Leveraging guest data for personalized marketing and innovative campaigns.
  3. Building and maintaining a positive online reputation by monitoring and leveraging reviews.

By implementing these strategies and leveraging technology, hotels and other event venues can futureproof their sales strategies, adapt to changing customer needs, and stay ahead of the competition in the evolving hospitality industry.


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