Spazious explained in a few words and images

  • Spazious is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for hotels, conference centers, trade shows and venue chains.

Spazious interface look and feel

  • Spazious is a modular system which includes a diagramming module (a), a 3D visual showcasting tool (b) and a booking engine (c). Each module can be used separately or in combination with other modules.
  • (a)

  • (b)

3D Layout configurations

  • (c)

Booking elements

  • Spazious is a webbased application. No installation is required. (Watch an example on our own web! – click on the image)

Web based app - see it on our own web

  • Spazious manages data analysis for improving service and customer retention.


  • Spazious is multidevice. It can be viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Arrange an event from an iPad

  • Spazious can be managed by several users at the same time.


  • Spazious works in Real Time with both users and managers.