The MICE sector seeks for technological alternatives at FITUR 2023 to optimize its processes

FITUR 2023 closes its edition with more than 222,000 attendees and a clear message: industry professionals must seek sustainable solutions and innovate technologically, especially in MICE.


  • 136.000 professional visitors

  • MICE in the spotlight for its recovery to pre-pandemic levels 

  • The sector seeks to improve the shopping experience and optimize commercial performance.

Madrid, January 2023. IFEMA’s annual meeting with the tourism industry has become one of the great editions of the International Tourism Trade Fair. Almost 222.000 visitors attended, more than 60% of them professionals looking for, among other things, innovative technology to optimize their processes.


According to Hosteltur, “technology is consolidating its position as a key tool for tourism”. Sustainability, personalization and technological innovation at the service of tourism companies were the protagonists in various areas such as FITURTECHY, FITUR MICE and the TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY area. 


Industry professionals were interested in key topics such as “technology and business, virtual reality, metaverse and simulators”. Particularly in MICE, the main protagonist at FITUR 2023. 


It is estimated that the economic impact of MICE will finally exceed pre-pandemic levels. Recall that in previous years, MICE generated, only in Spain, 10 million annual travelers. This figure fell to 3 million in 2020 (a reduction of 233%). In a context of full recovery, the sector is looking to invest in improving the customer shopping experience and optimizing commercial performance. 


Spazious: 360 digital tool for MICE management

Technologies such as the one offered by Spazious, a 360 digital solution for MICE management, will play a key role this year. Specifically, Spazious is an event management software that includes 3D diagramming, instant booking and a revenue management suite. A complete tool that brings together various functionalities in a single space, making it easy for sales teams to use. 


FITUR 2023’s message to the industry is clear: MICE is recovering.

Will hotel companies be willing to invest in technology and renew themselves, in order to live up to their clients’ expectations?