Using a 3D floor plan software for events and

The importance of 3D floor plan software for businesses in the meetings and events industry is not to be underestimated in the current context. The economic and social impact of COVID-19 as well as the changing nature of the sector has put pressure on operators to optimize their efficiency. 

In the midst of these changes, the global industry is slowly recovering and, in fact, is expected to grow from 890 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 to more than two trillion in 2028.

Inventing new ways in which to provide services (such as hybrid and virtual events) has been and will continue being the driver of this growth. Choosing the right 3D diagramming platform stands out among these new possibilities. 

The 3D diagramming platform is part of a new set of efficient planning tools that are enabling frictionless processes and a boost in productivity. Additionally, on the side of attendees, this type of tool is able to ultimately provide a better experience that better aligns with the needs and requirements of each client.

Learn more about the role of 3D floor plan software in the meetings and events industry.

3D floor plan software

What is a 3D floor plan software?

A 3D configurator platform is a computer program that allows users to create digital representations of floor plans that present three-dimensional visuals. As such, they create a virtual model of a building or room with realistic and immersive representations of its walls, furniture, fixtures, and decor.

The aim of using a 3D floor plan software is to allow companies to showcase their spaces for meetings and events. On the other hand, it also helps potential clients make informed decisions about the place they’re hiring.


Benefits of Using 3D Diagramming for Events and Meetings

On the one hand, diagramming created with 3D floor plan software can improve event planning efficiency and accuracy. This translates into savings in terms of time and labor costs for both event planners and hotels.

This is because the software for creating an event layout eliminates the need to manually create diagrams. But its benefits go beyond that. For instance, an adequate configurator software will enhance collaboration between clients and operators and provide a more accurate representation of the event space. Ultimately, it’s a tool for boosting operators’ revenue, becoming a powerful marketing and sales tool for hotels and event venues.

On the other hand, 3D floor plan software can help event planners visualize and plan the layout of event spaces in a more accurate and immersive manner. This helps them make better decisions about layouts and configurations (such as the placement of tables or other furniture).

At a time when social distancing measures and spaces’ capacities are still crucial, event planners access an intuitive tool. This platform will help them optimize spaces, flows, movement, lighting, and audio equipment.

Spazious set up and share diagramming

Features to Look for in 3D Floor Plan Software

  • Real-time collaboration. The right 3D floor plan software will allow multiple users to work on the same floor plan simultaneously. The outcome is an improvement in efficiency and final results, as it fosters quick feedback iterations and allows for making changes in real-time.
  • Integration with other planning tools. The tool should also be able to integrate with other platforms used by the planners. This can facilitate processes such as data imports or generating cost estimations, among others. 
  • Virtual reality capabilities.  In this case, let’s look at the possibilities of the Spazious 3D diagramming platform. The tool provides 2D and 3D diagramming in a wide range of views. Additionally, it facilitates sharing a link, that can be integrated within booking engines. Plus, add specific configurations for setting social distancing scenarios.


How a Configurator Software Can Improve Attendee Experience

But how exactly does adopting a 3D diagramming platform transform attendees’ experiences? 

Well, first and foremost, it provides a tool for planning the flow and layout of event spaces. Hotels and event planners can easily interact to choose the best, most-efficient layout in order to avoid congestion and improve flows. 

But enhanced layouts can also mean ensuring all attendees have clear views of the stage, are located well regarding the speakers, or simply know how to navigate their way through the space. All in all, it’s a tool to guarantee every attendee has a positive experience of the event.

At the same time, it can ask as a sort of ‘assembly guide’ for the day of the event, enhancing all operations and making sure everything is ready when guests come in.

As a result, and through immersive simulations, potential issues or bottlenecks are circumvented and all available space is used to its utmost potential.

All in all, implementing an adequate 3D floor plan software can make a difference not only during the sales and marketing stages: it can also play a huge role in ensuring an event goes as planned.

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