Spazious explained in a few words and images


Spazious explained in a few words and images

  • Spazious is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for hotels, conference centers, trade shows and venue chains.

Spazious interface look and feel

  • Spazious is a modular system which includes a diagramming module (a), a 3D visual showcasting tool (b) and a booking engine (c). Each module can be used separately or in combination with other modules.
  • (a)

  • (b)

3D Layout configurations

  • (c)

Booking elements

  • Spazious is a webbased application. No installation is required. (Watch an example on our own web! – click on the image)

Web based app - see it on our own web

  • Spazious manages data analysis for improving service and customer retention.


  • Spazious is multidevice. It can be viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Arrange an event from an iPad

  • Spazious can be managed by several users at the same time.


  • Spazious works in Real Time with both users and managers. 

What are the features that can best help in hospitality management?


What are the features that can best help in hospitality management?

The hospitality industry is a competitive industry. The hotel management characteristics that different hotels offer are what make it possible to gain a competitive edge over the competition.

A large part of what makes a hotel stand out from the rest is the hotel management features they offer. Services such as design, comfort, amenities and restaurant/lounge access are what guests want to see in a hotel. These three services can differentiate a hotel from its competitors and with an effective space and inventory visualization tool, plus a powerful booking engine all of this can go from a tedious process to truly effective management.

Hotels offer the best of services and facilities during festivals and vacation seasons to gain more footfall and generate revenue. From Christmas decorations to New Year’s Eve parties, hotel management makes sure to cater to their visitors in the best possible way.

What are the features that can best help in hospitality management?

How a visual hotel management software can make the difference

Hotels can improve their business and run it much more efficiently with this type of business management software. It provides them with a single platform where customers and employees can publish and visualize all their offers, room reservations, and select with 360° knowledge of what they are booking.

A hotel management software can be integrated directly into your own website, remotely hosted to make sure that there are no problems in the workflow.


Some of the benefits include:

– Increase revenue by tracking all your bookings and profitable pricing for each room.

– Make it easier for guests to book rooms on your website by using an online booking system that integrates with your hotel management software. As a result, you will get more bookings without having to spend more on marketing campaigns.

Ensure privacy and security by ensuring compliance with data privacy policies, so guests feel comfortable choosing the option that best suits their pocketbooks without having to exchange any inconvenient financial information.


Hospitality Management Features

A hospitality management suite manages different aspects that help running a hotel. It can be used to manage reservations, room allocation and inventory.

The functions of the hotel management suite vary depending on the needs of the hotel. For example, if you need to generate reports and statistical data, we could see this as one of its features. But it also facilitates the management of rooms and event venues.

Hospitality management suites are packed with features designed specifically for managing a hotel or resort. These suites offer a wide range of management tools, including

Real-time room reservation control

– Conference and event support

Event planning management

– Event catering inventory

– Conference and congress equipment offerings

Floor plan and space control

Customer flow planning


What is a meeting room booking system?

What is a meeting room booking system? and how to choose the one that suits your needs

A meeting room booking system is an online system that helps to organize meetings of any kind. This software helps facilitate the process of finding a suitable venue for a meeting or choosing an appropriate date and time for a meeting. Meeting room booking engines are usually designed to serve as tools used by event planners or organizers.

Note that there are different types of software that help book meetings. There are those that work with CRM (customer relationship management) systems, such as Salesforce, which helps book meetings based on customer information and there are those that work on web platforms, such as Google Calendar.


Types of meeting room instant booking engines

Meeting room reservation systems are a key component of office space management. They help companies manage their important assets and resources. They also help increase productivity by reducing the need for employees to take time out of their workday to complete the booking process by hand.

There are two main types of meeting room booking systems: in-house and third-party. In-house software is typically tailored to the specific needs of the company and geared for internal use, while third-party software is more commonly used in commercial properties.

In conclusion, using a reservation system for conference space management has many advantages, both in terms of time savings and increased productivity.

There are many different approaches to booking meeting space. The easiest way is to use an online instant booking tool, which is software designed to help companies book meeting space from anywhere, at any time.

We’ll review the five best meeting room booking features on the market today and explain so you can figure out which one best suits your needs.


  • Agenda booking solutions by timedate, and the number of attendees.
  • Capable of working with CRM systems.
  • Room visualization capabilities.
  • Possibility to customize rooms with the elements offered by the venue.
  • Graphics that can be shared with users and equipment.
  • Easy handling of the tool for employees, teams, or end users.
  • Reservation and access to payment methods to formalize without the need for lengthy contracts.
  • Cloud-based to ensure operation on different platforms: computertablet or mobile.

This is an example of one of the booking spaces that Spazious integrates, each of the different spaces can be worked on individually:

What is a meeting room booking system


How to choose the right meeting room instant booking tool for your event?

It is important to have a meeting room booking system in place that will let you book meetings, classes, and events at your convenience. It should be flexible enough to allow you to book meetings with different options like the time slots, capacity, and even the type of furniture.

The best business meeting space near me should be easily accessible for your event. This will make it easy for potential guests and participants to reach the venue and get on with their work.

Also, if you want to rent out a conference room for a day or an evening, then it is best if the rental facility has all basic amenities like Wi-Fi connectivity, projectors and screens, a sound system, and other relevant facilities.

Graphics, interface, and booking are necessary considering the size of the event. Generally more detailed systems offer a wider range of options and accessibility for both teams and users/guests.

How to share Spazious diagramming, setup and views with your team or guests?


How to share Spazious diagramming, setup and views with your team or guests?

One of Spazious features is a cloud based diagramming and collaboration tool that lets you and your team create and share diagrams. It has a fully interactive interface, is easy to use, and has a lot of features including easily a link to share and view a perfect 360 navigation.

Spazious’ diagramming tool allows you to create diagrams quickly and easily. This software is perfect for those who work in collaborative environments where they have to share their ideas. With the help of Spazious, you can collaborate with your team members on any project – no matter how big or small it is.

Configure and share in 3 easy steps!

With Spazious, you can share your diagrams with other people through the internet, via instant messaging or on an email. 

  1. Starting from the diagramming layout, setting the functionalities that are going to be needed for a specific event or meeting.Its selection ranges from the choice of furniture to how we will distribute it in our space. We also have the option to see how it would look with an audience to get a better idea of the interpersonal space.

Spazious set up and share diagramming

2. Once we have the ideal layout we can access through the “share” button to the options to share the setup.

Spazious share your setup

3. If we access the link on the left we will copy to our clipboard and share in a very simple way a complete visualization with automatic navigation that shows us in 360º all the aspects of the aspect of our layout, just like this one:

Does the event interface look and feel like standalone, white labeled or does the audience feel like they are on a third party site?


What is the interface look and feel? 

The interface is sleek and simple which makes it easy to use. The home page features a grid that showcases all the venues on offer, as well as a search bar to find any specific feature.

In the menu, you have access to all of your bookings and those from other managers. You can filter them by date range, location, number of people, price range, arrangement, facilities and more.

Spazious interface look and feel

Is it like a standalone, white labeled one or will the potential audience feel like they are on a third party site?

The audience should not feel like they are on a third party site if their company is using white label booking tools.

  • Standalone implies that the user will be on a site that is similar to any other website. It does not have an extra name but it has a similar look and feel. This does not happen with Spazious.
  • A white label booking tool is a website booking system that integrates seamlessly with your existing website. It’s a cost-effective, easy to use solution that will be tailored to your unique needs and branding.

Our interface can be personalised with your corporate colours and logo. We offer Real-Time Bookings in a dynamic pricing and availability software with your own company logo and look and feel. Spazious M&E Booking engine provides real-time booking capability for all your lounges and rooms.

Is the navigation as simple and as easy as possible for the attendees?

Organizing a conference is a lot of work, and one has to take into consideration many things. The way the conference room will look is one of them. Designing a good-looking meeting space with the newest technology available is crucial for attendees and managers alike, as it will make your event more enjoyable and organized.

The bottom line is that the design of the meeting room should be simple, attractive, user-friendly and full of technological innovations in order to ensure that attendees get what they need when they are there – whether they are sitting at a table or just walking around visiting booths or just sitting idly in a coffee break waiting for their presentation speaker.

The interface is simple to use and easy to navigate which means that anyone can quickly book the venue desired in just a few clicks. The interface also offers dynamic pricing and availability which automatically updates reservations with the latest prices and availability, so that customers know they are getting the best deal possible at all times feeling safe in your own site.

How easy is it to get an HD view of rooms and lounges on my hotel web?


How easy is it to get an HD view of rooms and lounges on my hotel web?

You can have the application ready to use on your website in just two hours!

Spazious embeds an iframe on your corporate website, which is hosted on our own server, and allows your website to run smoothly even if its main server is down. This allows you to host your website on a separate server and still enjoy this functionality without interruptions.

A very good reason to access immersive videos with images HD quality is that your users need the security of being able to see all the content in the most comfortable and fluid way in order to avoid losing their patience and end up on a competitor’s website (this is a detail that we take special care of).

Why are high quality images important?

This high definition is what makes Spazious have such an accurate resolution that the measurements obtained are 99.9% reliable so that the user can customize the spaces to their needs. When the client accesses a virtual tour, he has the option to take a 2D HD image of any of the shots he is interested in.

The fact that the image is in HD is necessary to provide as much detail as possible to hotel guests. Details such as where exactly the sockets are placed in a room, or how the lighting may vary if we modify the spotlights, can only be appreciated with this image quality.

As these functionalities are hosted on our own servers, we can guarantee that as many users in parallel can be doing different types of visualization from their computers or tablets, without affecting the performance of the hotel website, or the operation of the application for the rest of the users.

The importance of time saving

Can you imagine the time your employees can now spend on providing better service? 

Guests will no longer have to wait for room information or find time in busy schedules to get the same results.

With Spazious together with its’ room booking tools, hotels can provide better service to their guests because it allows them to use this one tool for all their needs: from checking availability and rates, viewing rooms and amenities, seeing all the customizable elements and even booking space online. Guests can also see actual spaces for themselves without feeling like they are at a trade show by asking an AI attendant questions about availability, pricing, etc.

For further questions, please consult our FAQ section.